Eurosport/ Partners With English and Spanish Soccer Magazines to Engage U.S. Soccer Fans

FourFourTwo and Sports Endeavors Inc., better known as Eurosport/SOCCER.COM, have partnered to Engage U.S. Soccer Fans. Eurosport partnered also with ESPN Deportes La Revista.

"Eurosport/SOCCER.COM partner with FourFourTwo to deliver engaging content to soccer fans nationwide," said Durward Williams, Eurosport's Director of Strategic Alliances. "It's fitting that the most widely distributed soccer publication in the U.S. will now feature content from the soccer magazine."

FourFourTwo magazine is published monthly by Haymarket Media Group, the privately owned publishing company in the United Kingdom. Starting in February, Eurosport customers will receive four special catalogs bound with miniature FourFourTwo magazines. Each catalog will have a circulation of 400,000 households, and Eurosport will distribute additional magazines at grassroots events.

"The World Cup presents a huge opportunity for the soccer industry," said Williams. "It's essential that we engage our customers and capitalize on this special event."

Each FourFourTwo issue will have exclusive editorial content from the magazine's staff. Eurosport is limiting each magazine to just four advertisers.

"This is an excellent opportunity to connect with soccer fans without extraneous advertising noise," said Jaime Cardenas, CEO and founder of AC&M Group, a leading Marketing and Communications firm based in Charlotte, NC that is specialized in soccer marketing.

Eurosport/SOCCER.COM, the soccer retailer in the U.S., boasts a Hispanic soccer fan base in the country. Eurosport is issuing a special Spanish-language catalog with content provided by ESPN Deportes La Revista, and a key component of ESPN Deportes brand extensions. This catalog will launch at the start of the World Cup, and it will have a circulation of 100,000 Hispanic households.

"Hispanic consumers comprise an important market segment in the U.S.," said Vicente Navarro, Eurosport's Director of Hispanic Marketing. "This partnership is another great way to connect with these consumers."

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