Parenting Media Recession Proof? Todo Bebe’s Cynthia Nelson Thinks So [2-A]

We recently conducted an interview with Cynthia Nelson, COO of pan Latin parenting media company Todo Bebe. Asked how the Parenting Media category has been doing during the current recession, Nelson answers: “Excellent! There are one million new births each year to Spanish-speaking parents so there are nearly five million children ages 0-5 at any one give time. This makes our two core properties, Todobebe and Viva la Familia that encompass those first five years of life, a very key part of any advertisers plan. Our properties work seamlessly to reach mom at the most critical time of new life and then follow the family as it grows reaching parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other members of their social and family network.”

(Recent research we published partly confirm Nelson’s assertions. Parenting Magazines have weathered the recession quite well, see story here)

Nelson also explains that for 2010 TodoBebe has the following plans per platform.

In TV, she says that  we have opened up new categories on TV including automotive, wireless, beauty and food and now have options to support seasonal, promotional  and DTR type of activities via integrations, tips and sponsorships.  

Online: We are extending our social networking platforms and will soon be rolling out several new opportunities for advertising clients including co-production of webisodes, access to core mom blogers and mobile.

On the event side, Todo Bebe will conduct its yearly Viva La Familia event in May/June with over 175k participants.  What will be new this year is the opportunity for clients to utilize this platform in a licensing/private label style as well.  This provides a very unique opportunity to reach into the home at various times during the year tied to promotions, in-store events, seasonality or new product launches.”

In Radio: We are growing the type of vignette that can be purchased to include new categories and allow for tune-in’s to cross promote sponsors TV integrations.  We will also expand opportunities to promote retail store promotions that align with in-store branded opportunities.

Todo Bebe recently announced the results of a new research project, a study that was conducted via online survey. Sample was comprised of a subset of our 2009 VLF Fiesta Mom Panel”. Nelson notes that we “do some value added research for existing clients. We also do custom research (buyer behavior, purchase intent, and competitive brand research) for a fee.”

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