Media Planning Group Miami on the Recent Hyundai- Kia Account Win

Havas Media just won the global Kia-Hyunday account. For the U.S, including the U.S. Hispanic market Kia-Hyundai will continue to be handled by Initiative Media. However for most Latin American markets the account will be now managed by MPG International (Havas Media) Havas Media will be working with Hyundai Kia in the following Latin America countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico, Mauricio Montenegro Strategic Planning and New Business Director - Latin America at MPG International tells Portada.

Regarding the plans with the recently won accounts, Montenegro adds that “we are still pending to enter to the transition period in which we will receive brand briefs and business objectives. So, at this point is still early to speak about this.” Montenegro assures that there definitely will be cooperation between the other agencies Kia-Hyundai uses in Latin America and MPG. “Definitely. All of us at Havas Media are extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to partner with the Hyundai & Kia Automotive Group, an automotive company that truly exemplifies the new 21st century thinking. They have put their trust in us, further validating our increasing global strength as a network. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Innocean Worldwide to provide their clients Hyundai & Kia the most innovative, effective strategic solutions to their marketing challenges.”

Innocean is the in-house marketing services department at Hyundai Kia.

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