The Main Insights and the Key Players

Our Third Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference proofed to be the best so far, according to the vast majority of feedback forms provided to Portada’s team. Key decision makers on budgets of several hundred million, if not billions, of dollars in Hispanic advertising were present at the event. They included Kristyn Page, Multicultural Marketing Director Macy’s, Rene Ramos, Brand Manager MillerCoors, Teresa Iglesias Solomon, VP Multicultural Initiatives Best Buy, Alain Groenendaal (president & CEO Wing), Gonzalo del Fa (Managing Director MEC Bravo) and Rodolfo Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Director General Mills (for a summary of Rodolfo Rodriguez keynote speech click here). Attendees had the opportunity to engage in personal conversations with these and other top marketers at the “Client Roundtables” (see photo gallery)

The following are some of the main topics covered at Portada’s flagship Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference that took place last Thursday in New York City.

  • The Challenge of Connecting National Brands to Local Audiences
    A resounding theme that was heard from top marketers including Macy's, MillerCoors, Wrangler, and Best Buy were the efforts they are undertaking to work their brands into the fabric of local communities. Print and digital media properties have unique opportunities to meet the demand of major marketers. This challenge/opportunity was also highlighted by Colby Atwood, president of Borrell Associates during his speech “Connecting to the Hispanic consumer via digital and print media”.

  • Good Signs Going into 2010
    Macy’s Kristyn Page reiterated that the retailer is a big believer in newspaper and magazine advertising. “Newspapers provide trust and enjoy the loyalty of the local community”, she said. Regarding magazines, Page noted that Macy’s is currently conveying its message as a fashion leader through them. She foresees an increase in Hispanic (print and digital) advertising going into 2010. So did DeWalt’s Hector Vallejo, Hispanic Marketing Manager at DeWalt, as well as Rene Ramos, Brand Manager at Miller Coors.

  • Integration of Print and Online Advertising Efforts
    Many companies have not gone far regarding the integration of marketing and advertising efforts in different media vehicles. Macy’s Kristin Page acknowledged that the integration process only started recently with the consolidation of Macy’s marketing activities (including all multicultural marketing activities) in New York City.  Hector Vallejo also noted that DeWalt is just starting the process. In addition, he emphasized the need for more proprietary research.

  • Budgets are not there (yet?)
    During her presentation, Kristyn Page, Multicultural Marketing Director of Macy’s, noted that 32% of Macy’s customers nationwide are multicultural vs. a 27% average of her competitors’ customers.  Page added that her Hispanic marketing budget share of Macy’s overall budget does not yet equal the share of the Hispanic population in the overall U.S.  population (approximately 17%). Page asked fellow marketers from Fortune 500 companies present at the conference if they have been more successful in this regard, a question all of them answered with a “no”.

  • Best Practices: New Online Targeting Technologies
    During the panel on “online targeting technologies”, Marla Skiko, SVP, Director of Digital Innovation, SMG Multicultural, described three types of online channels: Ad Networks (e.g. Contextweb, Specific Media), Destination Sites (i.e. MySpace, Yahoo) and Contextual Sites (Univision, MSN). Ad Networks tend to cater to multiple sites and one behavioural profile, Destination Sites to single site portals and one behavioural profile and Contextual Sites (Single Site/portal multiple interests/behavioural profiles). Skiko explained the methodology she used to target consumers in a recent online advertising campaign SMG Multicultural did for Allstate:

    - Demographic Target (Reach Hispanics in their language and within their cultural preference)

- Contextual Target (Reach them within relevant finance, insurance, and automotive related content)

- Behavioral Target (Target in market auto insurance shoppers and auto owners based on their online journey)

- Retargeting (Guide those who have seen Allstate ads before or have visited across their online journey, leading them to the quoting point)


The Fourth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference is going to take place on September 23, 2010.


Portada wants to specially thank the many attendees who attended the Conference and came from all over the U.S. and Latin America/.Spain, despite the challenging economic times.
Of course, a special thank you to our sponsors!


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