Diario San Diego Reaches 30,000 Circulation, Thrives With Local Advertising

“We have grown our circulation to 30,000 weekly copies,” said José Santiago Healy, Editor and Publisher of Diario San Diego a five years old Spanish weekly newspaper. Diario San Diego, was launched in 2003, under the name Diario Latinolater to weekly. as a daily, but in 2006 changed to twice weekly and

Mr. Healy added that even with the growth in circulation, most of their racks are depleted by the weekend. “There’s a big demand for copies of our newspaper,” he said. He believes that demand has been fueled by the news content found in Diario San Diego.

Diario San Diego, said the publisher, has found a welcome remedy for bad times through local advertisers. “We’ve focused our efforts on growing our local advertiser ad base and we’ve succeeded,” added Mr. Healy, explaining that his staff had come up with innovative and creative newspaper sections that work for local businesses that are also trying to fight back the bad economic tide.

One of these sections is “El Buen Comer,” a weekly part of the publication dedicated to featuring local restaurants and its recipes. This section has become really popular according to the publisher. “Restaurants are calling us to advertise,” added Mr. Healy.

Diario San Diego is published by Healy Media, Inc., based in Chula Vista, California

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