“More and more people live with feet in two worlds”

Last week ImpreMedia announced the appointment of Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush to the newly-created position of Corporate Executive Editor. Vourvoulias-Bush is now responsible for the coordination and creation of all content across impreMedia’s platforms. Portada conducted the following Q&A with him.

Portada: How many journalists will you be leading (for digital, print, mobile platforms)?

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: I do not know the exact number but it is somewhere around 100.

Portada: What are the editorial standards you want to have Impremedia to have?

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: ImpreMedia produces the highest quality Spanish-language journalism in the United States and will continue to do so across platforms and media.

Portada: In the history of journalism what is your favorite editor.

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: Ben Bradlee, former Executive Editor of the Washington Post

Portada: How do you think that the ascent of online journalism is affecting journalism in the U.S?

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: Online journalism has transformed our expectations for when and how we want our news. It is a reflection of how live now and a logical consequence of the content revolution we call the world wide web.

Portada: What is your view about the standards of Spanish - language Journalism in the U.S..

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: Spanish language media in the US, much like English-language media in the US, runs the gamut from excellence to something far less.

Portada: What should the breakdown between local and international news be in Impremedia media (newspapers, magazines, websites).

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: Throughout ImpreMedia, across titles and platforms, there is a recognition that more and more people live with feet in two worlds and that traditional bifurcations between national and international miss this social reality.

Portada: What do you think will be the main topics of coverage in Impremedia publications in 2009?

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush: Politics, immigration, Latin America, Show Biz, celebrities, Health, the road to the World Cup, sports.


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