Al Dia Texas Refines Distribution Strategy

Starting last week (February 16), Al Día Texas moved to a two-day schedule, publishing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. According to Alejandro Sanchez, publisher of Al Dia, these are the two days that matter most to “advertisers and offer readers the most value”.

Sanchez adds that “by moving to two publication days a week, we are able to produce Al Día more efficiently, allowing us to continue offering it to readers free of charge and improving the effectiveness of advertising by delivering a more concentrated readership in a product with a longer shelf-life. The Saturday edition will be available in single copy racks and its expanded content will last all week.”

Al Dia´s home delivery strategy, launched last July, tripled distribution on Wednesdays and Saturdays. “This successful delivery model will continue to benefit advertisers with weekly distribution of more than 215,000 and readership exceeding 365,000,” says Sanchez.

Community Content…

Al Día´s focus on community issues will expand with commentary from city leaders and opinions on key local issues. “We have also added Agencia Reforma, the largest printed media company in Mexico and Latin America, to supplement our already award-winning local and regional content,” Sanchez said.

… and Multimedia Strategy

Sanchez also highlights that new and or developed marketing solutions for advertisers include:

- Its online audience has doubled over the past year, and is growing rapidly.

- Market Place: The newly revamped classified section taps into the
expanding Hispanic consumer base.

- Total Market Coverage: Advertisers can choose the areas they
want to reach based on the needs of their business through Al Dia´s shared mail program.

- Al Día Events: More than 100 events planned for 2009,
including COPA Al Día, a youth soccer tournament in June.


- Al Día Mobile (coming soon): A tool to expand advertisers' reach target audiences wherever they are.


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