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Missouri has a growing Hispanic population and the middle of the state is no exception. Recently, KOMU 8 decided to launch a Spanish section on

The number of journalists doing news in Spanish around the state is growing. The efforts of the media to do news in Spanish is a reflection of a community that continues to grow in Missouri.

Angel Morales and a group of volunteers started Sabados Latinos, a program dedicated to entertaining and helping Hispanics in Sedalia and the surrounding communities.

"We are bringing the best music, news and commentaries through this program including the gossip. This program has helped Hispanics because many of them do not read newspapers or cannot read the newspapers and cannot listen to what American radio is transmitting," Morales said.

The magazine, Mi Raza KC, has been serving the Hispanic community in Kansas City since 2003. Mi Raza KC means "my race KC".

"I tried to give to focus it so that every article of the magazine would have some content that in some way could help people in certain situations," Julian Gomez from Mi Raza said.

In Columbia KOMU, an NBC affiliated station, has created KOMU 8 en Espanol. It's a project that started in 2006 due to a series called "Immigration in Depth".

The purpose is to inform the Hispanic community in Spanish. Another example is the newspaper Red Latina in St. Louis. It is a newspaper dedicated to informing Hispanics on topics like immigration, politics and news coming out from Latin America.

"It is big. We already see it with the new president, and we are proud to say it, and we can say it louder and louder," Cecilia Velazquez from Red Latina said. "And the people need to understand this thanks because of the Hispanics because we are the biggest minority here in the United States. And that is why Obama made it because we are dreamers, as same as Obama."

They distribute more than 15,000 copies.

El Mundo Latino newspaper is the most recent newspaper in Spanish.  It started up in St. Louis last year. "You know we like to help the community, so we were establishing relationships with non-profit organizations so they can make a benefit of all this," Rene Vences from El Mundo Latino said.

The presence of this media reflects the fast growing Hispanic community during the last decade. All the major cities in Missouri have radio shows, newspapers and some are trying to do TV shows in Spanish.

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