February 5, 2009

Ipsos: Hispanics Engage Online ‘Often in Higher Numbers’ than Average

US-based Hispanics are online in significant numbers. They are also taking full advantage of the internet as a primary tool for finding and contributing information, researching and making purchases, being entertained, and networking with others, according to recent research from Ipsos (via MarketingCharts). [Summary of Marketing Vox Article]

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Boxeo Mundial to be Launched through Zinio’s Digital Platform

After seven years of publishing Fútbol Mundial, (World Soccer), The Mundial Group, a multimedia sports publishing company based in New York, is adding a digital platform to its distribution model through an exclusive supplier deal with Zinio, a global online publishing and distribution services company.

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How Food Giant Goya Plans to Bring Latin Cuisine to the Masses

As more companies target the growing U.S. Hispanic population, Hispanic marketers are trying to extend their sales to the rest of America. Goya first catered to Caribbean immigrants, then branched out into Mexican and other Latin American foods. Now it's taking advantage of Latin food's popularity to win new customers. [Summary of AdAge Article]

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