Magic Announces Launch of Magia and Offers Unparalleled Educational Tools

MAGIA’s three-day event will allow retailers, exhibitors, buyers and attendees the opportunity to hear directly from Hispanic advertising experts regarding the importance of the U.S. Hispanic market for the retail industry in 2009 and beyond.

Seminar panelists in the fields of advertising, creative, media and Hispanic research/trends will be on hand to discuss the growing and vital U.S. Hispanic market, statistics and case studies. With 25 percent of the country’s children under the age of five being Hispanic and with a spending power of $900 billion, the Hispanic market is one to keep up with.

MAGIA seminar topics that will be addressed include:

Forces Affecting the Apparel Landscape for Hispanic Consumers – An in-depth look at the demographics and psychographics that determine this group’s buying trends, who is the decision-maker in their households, where, when, what and why they are shopping.

Keeping Up with the Fastest Growing Market in the U.S. – Are all Hispanic customers cut from the same mold? How does country of origin and current location within the United States affect buying patterns?

How does diversity within Hispanic culture translate into preference for style, color, size, etc? As the largest and fastest growing segment of our population, will Hispanic consumers eventually dictate segments of the fashion industry?

The panels will also discuss marketing to the U.S. Hispanic market through the different media available, targeting the market in English, Spanish or in bilingual format, and when and why separate Hispanic marketing campaigns from general marketing campaigns.

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