Latino Future Magazine Branching Out

Latino Future is really interesting content-wise. It’s a dual audience magazine, in that it appeals to both males and females,” says William Vasquez, who is repping the magazine through Hispanic Media Representatives. “It’s a cross-section from arts and entertainment to business. It’s entertaining but inspirational.”

According to Vasquez, 46% of Latino Future’s readers report incomes of $75K/yr or more, which places them among the more affluent Hispanic segment.

The magazine was developed and launched in Phoenix, and 2/3 of its 25,000-copy circulation is in the Southwest, though it has expanded to L.A., Texas, and is now available nationally through Borders and B&N, and now has been picked up by newsstand distributor.

“The magazine has mostly regional advertisers now,” says Vasquez, who adds that they are starting to pursue a national ad strategy, and have garnered interest from some liquor accounts, State Farm, McDonald’s and Chevrolet, among others.

Latino Future is also quite active with live events, and they currently sponsor two high-profile events: Latino Baseball Awards, where Latino Hall-of-Famers come out and the Alma Awards.


As far as IPR goes, the company has developed a relationship with Meredith and has secured west coast representation for the following general market magazines: At Home (owned by Century 21), Currents (Carnival Cruise lines) and Figure, a fashion magazine for full-figured women.

The new initiatives are in-line with IPR’s track record of working with corporate custom pubs like Kraft’s Comida y Familia and Disney en Familia.

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