Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed Speakers / Panelists

Speaker General Theme Key Points
Nada Usina, President, JumpTV Hispanic online video advertising   - Web 3.0: widgets, personalized browsers, and other emerging Web features  
Craig Desens, Chief Development Officer, NSA Media and President of Home Depot account How a key newspaper buying firm looks at Hispanic print   - What Hispanic print media properties can do to make their vehicles more attractive to big-box retail advertisers


- Hot verticals in Hispanic print media  

Rick Marroquin, Chief Marketing Officer, Batanga Leveraging social networks and online communities to reach Latinos   - Increasing ROI through Interactive Media  
Robert B. Nolan, Managing Partner Halyard Capital A private equty investor asseses the current Hispanic media investment scenario   How have the valuations of Hispanic media properties evolved in the current credit crunch environment?  
Beth Fidoten, Print Director, Initiative Media Opportunities and challenges for Hispanic print and digital media  -Expanding the Hispanic market. Advice from a Madison avenue print buyer. Emphasis on the Healthcare Sector 
Greg Anthony. SVP Multicultural Sales, Alloy Access Buying Print and Online Media into 2009  A major buyer provides advice to Hispanic Media properties about how to best reach out to clients and agencies in 2009. 
Tim Hahn, Director of Interactive, Latinworks How to extract digital media advertising dollars out of traditional media budgets.  -The Hispanic digital media space is still very small. An expert provides advice on how to approach marketers and media buyers in a convincing way  
John Paton, CEO, Impremedia Engaging the Hispanic consumer online and offline   - A newspaper company transitions into the digital media space 
Daniel Villarroel, Director Multi-Ethnic Marketing, Maybelline & Garnier Beauty, Cosmetics: How a large advertiser approaches the Hispanic market   
Sacha Xavier, Group Media Director, Avenue A-Razorfish How you should think about mobile marketing for Hispanics and why.   The perspective of a decision maker in a large digital Agency. 
Al Cruz, Communications Strategic Director AT&T Account, MEC Bravo Expanding content offerings through digital media applications: Mobile   
Liz Perez Angeles, Director CRM, Kraft Case Study: Consumer Packaged Good Advertising in the Hispanic Market   
Ilia Leon, Director Multicultural Media, Zenith Optimedia Working towards increased Hispanic Advertising Budgets   
Cynthia Nelson, COO, Todobebe Digital Publications, Digital Newsstands, Audiovisual applications and more...   
Andrea Slodowicz, Media Director, SMG-MV42 Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods Advertising:Media Mix, Modelling,ROI, Language Choice, Brand positioning   
Darren Scott, CEO Primiro Mobile Tagging    
Arturo Duran, CEO, Impremedia Digital Offline media's audience and advertisers face big opportunities in expanding their content offerings through a wide array of digital solutions   
Javier Aldape, VP Niche products, Scripps Newspapers A major newspaper publisher gives advice on how to increase print's share in Hispanic advertising budgets   
Marti Frucci, Managing Director, De Silva & Phillips The view from a large general market M&A house on current media valuations   
David Jones, General Manager of the HipCricket, Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network Mobile Advertising in the Hispanic Market: Where we are and where we are going to   
Larry Upton, Founder and CEO of edioma How do mobile service providers work with telcos and media properties in order to reach first generation Hispanics   
Damian Bellumio, President & Founder Hoodini Entertainment A media entrepreneur provides advice on financing media companies   
Ruth Gaviria, Executive Editorial and Publishing Director, Meredith Hispanic Ventures A major magazine publisher talks about the media buying process   
Alejandro Rodriguez, Director Sales, Starmedia Digital media buying and selling in 2009   
Halim Trujillo, Senior Partner, Director of Multicultural Planning, Mindshare    
Katherine Cardenas, Media Supervisor, MPG Diversity    
Tania Peralta, Hispanic Marketing Manager 1-800 Flowers Hispanic Marketing Manager 1-800 Flowers    
Susan Tineo, Planning Director, Mindshare    
Gennie Mejia, Associate Media Director, Zenith Optimedia    
Juan Chouza, Media Planner, Mindshare    

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