New Campaigns: JC Penney; Foster Farms, Modelo Especial

American Living…

Last Thursday, JC Penney launched its new lifestyle apparel and home accessories line to the Hispanic market during Univision’s “Premio lo Nuestro a la Musica Latina” awards show, which the retailer sponsored.

Apart from the TV spot that it is running on Univision, the JC Penney is also running direct mail, email marketing, and magazine advertising. As CMO Mike Boylson told Ad Age in a recent interview, “We're marketing pretty aggressively in the Hispanic market.”

The effort is being handled by general market agency Global Brand Concepts.

Foster Farms…

Continuing the highly popular “Pollos Imposteros” (Imposter Chickens) campaign that has seeped into California Latino pop-culture, Foster Farms has developed a new 30-second televison spot in conjunction with Grupo Gallegos.


Los Pollos Impostores are commonly known for their entertaining antics, but the new commercials also have a serious side: spotlighting the Latino community’s preference for high quality, fresh and natural food. Research shows that Latino consumers overwhelmingly prefer to shop for fresh and natural ingredients. Unlike fresh, always natural and always locally grown Foster Farms chickens, Los Pollos Impostores represent the complete opposite.

Foster Farms also does Latino outreach by addressing current health issues, such as diabetes, that are of special concern to the Latino community.

…Modelo Especial.

The Mexican beer brand Modelo Especial is to be given its first general consumer advertising campaign in the US, Crown Imports has announced, and reports.

"Modelo Especial continues to be extremely popular among the Hispanic audience, especially those of Mexican descent," said Paul Verdu, vice president of marketing at Crown Imports, the 50-50 joint venture between Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo and Constellation Brands. "But the general market has been discovering the brand in recent years and we've experienced an explosion of sales growth. This new, English-language campaign marks the growing presence and expansion of this brand."

The campaign is scheduled to launch in the spring, with ads appearing in male-oriented print publications such as Men's Health, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Wired. In addition, the campaign will feature outdoor elements and 15-second online animations.

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For the Hispanic Market Costa Mesa, CA, based Casanova Pendrill buys media for Crown Imports (including Corona).

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