November 1, 2007


Issue 28. Q4 2007

Striking it rich: Spanish language sites deploy interactive features. Full House: Hispanic Real Estate Classifieds Span Print and Online. Print Advertising Recovers in H2. Mobile

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La publicidad panregional crecerá a $ 320 millones para el 2012

La publicidad de medios latinoamericanos que se hace fuera de América Latina representa unos 200 millones de dólares en negocios. La TV por cable es el medio principal, seguido por los medios impresos (periódicos y revistas) y con un rápido crecimiento se encuentra la publicidad de medios en línea.

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All for fun: Media to relax to

While many Hispanic consumers buy magazines and visit websites to become informed and to catch up on current events, many are simply looking for entertainment; and a growing number of properties are sprouting up to meet their needs.

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Perfect Pitch: Mobile Marketing to Latinos

A recent study showed that 63% of Latinos own a media-capable cell phone compared to 46% of non-Latinos and are 23% more likely to use their cell phones to watch video content according to MTV Networks’ Slivered Screen research.

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