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In mid-September, The Oregonian will launch a full-color Spanish-language weekly tabloid called Cancha in association with Mexico City publisher Grupo Reforma.  Grupo Reforma. launched Camcha in the San Antonio last year together with the San Antonio Express News and publishes several dailies south of the border.

“It’s a growth market,” says Bradley M. Harmon, The Oregonian’s sales and marketing director. “We have not been serving Hispanics the way we want to, so we’re reaching out to them. It’ll have some local news, and a lot of news about Hispanic sports,” Harmon said. “It will also include entertainment news, an events calendar and classifieds.” The Oregonian  has partnered with a Mexico City newspaper publisher ,

Cancha will be managed by Mauricio Romano. Harmon says circulation will start out at 20,000 — the same circulation as competitor El Hispanic News — and will have 500 distribution points in the northern Willamette area.

MundoMotor launched its South Florida edition. The new, Spanish-language, motor vehicle publication brings Latino readers in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach area local industry news, product reviews, consumer tips, and safety and maintenance information; while covering automotive and motorcycle events in the community.

Mundo Motor is a highly localized publication offering potential buyers information they need when they are close to point of purchase,” saysGuillermo de la Corte, Founder and Publisher of Mundo Motor. He adds, “After two successful years publishing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we know that the local content we provide creates a special bond with our readers. To successfully launch in South Florida, we felt it was important to ensure the highest quality content while maximizing distribution.”

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation announced the launch of Mujer Total (Total Woman), a 20-page, Spanish-language magazine that provides practical tips and helpful information encouraging women to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their babies should they become pregnant.

In addition to warning against unhealthy habits, the publication also reinforces the positive behaviors that Latino women display in greater numbers that other racial and ethnic groups, such as breastfeeding their babies and not smoking. Mujer Total was developed with the support of The NC Division of Public Health. This and other English and Spanish health educational materials can be ordered in bulk for free on the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation's website at

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