Implications of Fox’s Acquisition of ClickDiario

Latin American and U.S. Hispanic online ad sales network ClickDiario was recently acquired by Fox. Portada interviewed ClickDiario’s Marketing Director, Alexander Miranda, and asked him about the implications of the acquisition.

Q: Can you please explain what exactly ClickDiario is?

A.M.: ClickDiario is one of the leader advertising networks in representation of web properties and vertical sites in the Spanish-speaking market. With more than 1 billion monthly impressions and 30 million unique users, it reaches 4 of each 10 internet users in the Hispanic world.  Originally from Guatemala, the company expanded operations to Mexico, Argentina and the United States.  ClickDiario is the fastest-growing Internet network in Spanish, according the ComScore/Media Matrix.

Q: What % of ClickDiario's business is done in Latam, what in U.S. Hispanic, what in Spain?

A.M.: US 40%, Mexico 45% and others 15%.

Q: How is Fox going to benefit by having ClickDiario?

A.M.: First of all I think we have to see this acquisition among the whole universe that FOX represents. FOX Entertainment Group, a company part of News Corporation, is a television network with worldwide presence, and considered the highest-rated broadcast network among young adults.

The division that acquired ClickDiario is called FOX International Channels; the division develops and distributes wholly and majority-owned entertainment, factual, sports and movie channels in virtually all markets across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Under the vision of constant innovation in the media business, FOX is aware of the importance of being part of the current trends of social communications and, since Internet is growing fast in penetration and effectiveness among society, FOX looked for the most effective way to begin being part of the advertising internet business, therefore the strategic choice was to acquire a company that was already part to the Internet scenario.

Some of the facts that led FOX to buy ClickDiario were that, the company is the leading network in representation of web properties and vertical sites in the Spanish-speaking world, including Latin America, Spain and the US Hispanics market. With more than 1 billion of monthly impressions and more than 25 millions of unique users, the company reaches 4 of each 10 Spanish-speaking internet users monthly. 

If we consider that FOX International Channels already operates a collection of 35 websites in Latin America, added to ClickDiario’s operation performance in the region, FOX will be shortly one of the main players in the business, being able to offer to its audiences and clients a wide variety of choices of entertainment and advertising options.  The new Internet division of FOX, where ClickDiario will be is named .FOX (pronounced PUNTO FOX).

Q: How is ClickDiario going to benefit by the Fox acquisition?

A.M.: ClickDiario has the expertise and the contacts all over the region, if we combine this with the presence that FOX has through his regional offices and the future investment on expansion, we are sure that shortly, companies of all sizes will think of us as the main choice for their advertising requirements. Our goal is to offer the most complete solutions to our current and future clients.

Q.: Does ClickDiario own any websites or does it only sell advertising in third party websites?

A.M.: ClickDiario’s sites were sold to Marchex, a Seattle based company that owns hundreds of websites. ClickDiario’s team will continue in charge of maintenance and developing for its former sites and others of Marchex.

Q.: What advertising categories are going to benefit by ClickDiario's acquisition?

A.M.: Currently ClickDiario’s main products are campaigns based on Performance; Branding campaigns and the only Latam-based Co-Registration path.  With the creation of FOX the company will be adding to its portfolio of services, Search Engine Optimization – SEO and Search Engine Marketing - SEM. Based on this, FOX will be offering a complete range of solutions that cover its local and international needs clients.

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