Stakeholder Rustic Canyon Assesses Rumbo´s Future Strategy [3-A]

Portada: How has Rustic Canyon, as a private equity investor, advised Rumbo in this change of strategy?

Renée LaBran:
Although Rumbo's revenues grew by over 40% last year, we feel a weekly is more consistent with the current market size for Hispanic print advertising. We want each edition to be robust, with valuable editorial and advertising content for readers. We anticipate adding days in the future as the market continues to grow.

P: Where is there room for improvement in Rumbo's strategy so far?

RL: It takes time for any publication to find its sweet spot. Rumbo has done a terrific job with its readers, building a strong franchise within the Spanish speaking communities it serves, and winning high praise for its editorial content. We need to continue to grow our advertising base so that we can offer more options for advertisers, provide more information for our readers, and then expand into more markets.

P: Do you still have an interest in acquiring other newspapers, media properties through Rumbo?

RL: Yes, absolutely. We believe that there are advantages to scale.

P: Do you think that it would make sense to merge Rumbo with Hoy (I understand they are working together in national advertising)?

RL: Rumbo and Hoy have explored ideas together from time to time, and did partner with a national agency, although no other formal arrangements exist.

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