Tiempos del Mundo Increases U.S. Circulation and Redesigns Publication

Tiempos del Mundo, the Spanish-language newspaper based in the U.S. that is distributed at the hemispheric level (in the United States and in 16 countries in Latin America) last week launched a redesigned version of the newspaper. In addition it announced changes in it distribution model.

“We will shift circulation “from Washington DC out further west to Texas and California. We will distribute at hotels and airlines, as well as to Hispanic business owners and managers”, Tomas Chamberlain, circulation director of Tiempos del Mundo, tells Portada®. “In addition, we will distribute some circulation from Honduras and Nicaragua to the U.S.”

Tiempos del Mundo has a circulation of 110,000 (BPA audited). The majority of its distribution is free. 12,712 are distributed through airlines, and an additional 14,000 in hotels throughout Latin American and U.S. cities. It is a subsidiary of News World Communications, the same company that owns The Washington Times and UPI (United Press International).

Tiempos del Mundo recently decided to move its editorial headquarters, approximately 20 journalists, from Washington DC to Miami to produce the same editorial product for its whole footprint as opposed to the regional editions it used to publish. Carlos Verdecia, Tiempos del Mundo's, editor in chief, tells Portada® that at some point in the future the U.S. may get differentiated content compared to the Latin America. Tiempos del Mundo also has regional offices in Mexico D.F., Bogota (Colombia), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and San Jose (Costa Rica).

Verdecia adds that Tiempos del Mundo's redesign, the first issue with new look was published last Thursday May 25th, has a more magazine like look with wider and thicker paper and better colors and photos. “It's a more modern look. Still a tabloid but smaller. We have shortened the height and the width. This way it is easier to handle”, Verdecia says.


Associate Publisher Frank Grow says that "Our position as the only pan-regional Spanish-language news source makes Tiempos del Mundo the ideal media partner, offering advertisers a prime vehicle for customized hemispheric, national and regional market ad campaigns."

Tiempos del Mundo tries to attract multinational companies targeting Spanish-speakers across the Americas. Advertisers in recent issues include American Airlines and Delta.

Pablo Thornton, Advertising and Marketing Manager at Tiempos del Mundo, tells Portada® that travel, airlines and banking are the most interesting categories. CPM (cost per thousand copies circulated) for a full page color lie at US $68.

Advertisers can buy space in the full edition or choose one or several of the five regions US, Miami, Washington, Andean Group (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela), Central America (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador) and/or Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay).

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