The Press Enterprise’s Headcount Reduction Will Not Affect La Prensa

While there will be a net reduction of personnel in the The Press Enterprise, a Riverside, CA based English-language newspaper published by Belo, no cuts are expected at the Press Enterprise's Spanish-language newspapers La Prensa and El D.

Orlando Ramirez, editor of La Prensa and El D, tells Portada® that the publications will increase online content including daily online news. “This summer we will transition towards a daily format on the web”, says Ramirez. Starting with the soccer world cup in June there will be daily information on the web, he added. Thereafter online local news coverage will be increased.

According to Rafael Diaz, Advertising Sales Manager at La Prensa, many advertisers are interested in having an online presence. He adds that La Prensa and El D will be following a similar business model like Al Dia, a Spanish-language daily that Belo Corp. publishes in Dallas (TX)..

La Prensa is a Spanish-language weekly with a circ. of 50,000 targeting Latinos from San Bernardino and Riverside (Inland County, CA). El D, is a special desert edition for Coachella Valley's Hispanic population.

Hiring journalists and ad-sales personnel
La Prensa is currently looking for a sports editor. It is also hiring another journalist. Additionally, 2 positions are open on the advertising sales side. Seven journalists work on La Prensa's editorial team.

Last week, The Press-Enterprise Company, announced the implementation of an enhanced multimedia business plan and accompanying organizational restructuring aimed at better serving and reaching its readers, online users and advertisers in the Inland Southern California.

The restructuring plan will be phased in over the next two months and includes an increased emphasis on the dissemination of breaking news and information via The Press-Enterprise's Web site,, including streaming video; the launch of more than 40 micro-local community Web pages; a greater focus on online advertising sales; the expansion of targeted sales opportunities in advertising and circulation through database marketing; an increased focus on developing print and online products to serve distinct interests throughout the region; and the enhancement of production processes to provide earlier delivery for the region's many commuters.
Implementation of The Press-Enterprise's multimedia strategy will result in a net reduction of approximately 50 positions by mid-year 2006. More than 80 positions will be eliminated or consolidated, while approximately 30 new positions will be created.

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