Impremedia Executives Explain the Rationale for their Launch of a Sunday Newspaper

Question: Who will execute the home delivery of the Sunday newspaper a third party or Impremedia itself?
Answer: “Our distribution has a unique footprint using census block delivery. We are using a state-of-the art delivery tracking system. While the distribution will be handled through highly respected third party, we will provide advertisers the level of trust that they have come to expect from ImpreMedia papers by conducting audits with CAC in addition to surveys. In addition, customer service for consumers will be managed internally”.

Q: In what national advertising categories do you see the most growth potential as a result of your new network?
A: “The response from advertisers has been tremendous, across all categories, for both ROP and pre-print business. We do expect that in particular we will see growth in national retail, telecom, and financial.”

Q: What revenue split national/local do you expect?
A:We see an enormous potential from all areas of advertising, local,classified and national.The publications offer national advertisers extended reach into the home through the largest print network in the top three Hispanic markets. And because each publication will have five or more zones, we can offer local advertisers targeted low-cost advertising programs.”

Q: What motivated you to produce a Sunday paper?
A: “The launch of the Domingo network is the next logical step for us to take in providing extended reach into the home. The Domingo concept is based on the highly successful model of La Raza which advertisers and consumers have enthusiastically embraced.”

Q: Even though the Sunday papers will be called La Opinion Contigo and El Diario/La Prensa Contigo , they won't carry editorial content of La Opinion/El Diario La Prensa will they?
A: “That's correct. Each publication will create unique content that is distinct from its core, daily, publication. The content will be feature oriented with practical tips and how-to's. We are leveraging our core products brand in naming them La Opinion Contigo/El Diario Contigo because those brands are highly trusted and respected in the community.”

Q: Do you fear cannibalization of your paid products?
A:We see this as a logical extension to our core product. It is complementary and distinct.For consumers the content will have a distinct focus and for advertisers it offers a vehicle to extend their reach into the homes.”

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