The Tampa Tribune may add a publication….

The Tampa Tribune (Media General, daily circ. 214,000, Sundays 293,000) is looking into the publication of a Spanish-language paper. The Tribune recently placed an ad for a director of Hispanic initiatives and is also looking to hire Hispanic affairs columnists. In an article published in The Weekly Planet Sarasota, Gil Thelen, president and publisher of the Tribune, confirmed that the paper had placed the ad. Thelen said the new director would help the Tribune build relationships with the various Latino communities in Tampa Bay and develop new ways to communicate with them. “Obviously, we realize that we've got a long way to go before we can really cover and serve Tampa's diverse Latino communities, which include Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Colombians and others,” Thelen said. “We're investigating a number of possibilities.” Besides the Tampa Tribune, Media General also owns several other media platforms in Tampa, including WFLA-Ch. 8 and Tampa Bay Online. Thelen confirmed that Media General had discussed the possibility of a Spanish-language version of the Tribune. The Tribune already has a business relationship with the independently owned 7 Dias (TV Net Productions, weekly, circ. 25,000), which includes printing, distributing and selling ads in the weekly paper. In contrast to many general market newspapers, the The Tampa Tribune's circulation has increased over the past year.

…and El Nuevo Día too.
Jaime Segura, publisher of El Nuevo Día Orlando (Grupo Ferré, daily, circ. 25,000, Spanish) which was launched in the summer of 2003, said his company has plans to publish a newspaper for the Tampa market. Tampa Hispanics, which make up 20% of the city's population and have a purchasing power of US $7.2 billion, are a diverse group. There is a large Puerto Rican population (see “Puerto Rican Group sets its sights on new U.S. markets,” Portada® No. 12, November/December 2004). There are also a good number of third and fourth generation Hispanics (mostly of Cuban and Spanish descent) who read the Tampa Tribune. Luis Baron, publisher of the weekly 7 Dias and La Guía monthly magazine (circ. 12,000, Spanish), tells Portada® that his publications target mostly first and second generation Spanish-dominant Latinos.

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