Internet Marketing: Postal and e-mail lists generated by Spanish-language websites expand

Spanish-language websites are putting lists on the market, including both postal and e-mail addresses. The increased number of names on the lists reflects the expansion of the Internet for Spanish-speaking audiences. The list data provided by ParadyszMatera shows that on June 30th 2003 Univision's list had only 224,738 postal addresses. Since then, the number of names has almost quadrupled. In general, the number of e-mail addresses is much higher than the number of postal addresses (see box below). Paul Freibott, associate director research at ParadyszMatera, says that -in the case of online-generated lists, respondents are usually given the option to provide their email and/or postal address. “When consumers opt-in on the Internet, the numbers of email addresses are probably higher due to the natural affinity of the medium,” said Freibott. However, has generated fewer e-mail addresses than postal addresses. This could be related how they're generating the list or offering the opt-in. Additionally, Terra may not have posted the total number of their e-mail addresses on the list market.

Gathering information online

Postal Addresses (Quarter ending 3/31/2005)

Email Addresses





Planet of Latino Music buyers *


N/A, New generation of Latino buyers



Autobytel en español



Source: MarketRelevanceTM, ParadyszMatera's proprietary promotion and

media tracking tool

*12 month buyers

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