Home mortgage provider launches direct mail campaign

GMAC Mortgage Corporation launched a comprehensive national bilingual advertising and public relations campaign designed to reach Latino consumers, the nation's fastest-growing home buying market segment. “Our goal is to become ‘the last word' in home mortgage products, as well as to inform and educate Latinos about the home financing process,” says Ennio Garcia Miera, vice president of the New Markets Group at GMAC Mortgage. The campaign included spots on Hispanic TV and radio stations, and a strong direct mail component. GMAC is scheduled to do eight drops this year. The 33,000 early March mailing was written in English and Spanish and offered customers a special discount. Sources at GMAC said that coupons could be included in future mailings. Los Angeles based Enlace Communications managed the advertising campaign, which was carried out by third party direct mail service providers. Lists were acquired from list brokers. “As with our print vendors, we use multiple list sources depending on the specific audience we are trying to reach. In addition, we have built a customized segmentation system to assist with our targeting efforts,” explained Erica Prowisor of GMAC Marketing Services. In April, GMAC will launch a national campaign to recruit more bilingual loan officers into the company.

Radiography of the GMAC direct mail campaign

Number of drops


Quantity (first drop)


Second drop




Direct mail provider



Acquired from list brokers and in-house customer segmentation system


March thru end of 2005

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