TMC or no TMC, that is the question

The purchase of Chicago weekly La Raza last November gives Impremedia an interesting mix of newspapers in its portfolio, including two paid dailies El Diario/La Prensa and La Opinión, and now La Raza (circ. 198,000, CAC audited), a free weekly with TMC (total market coverage) distribution. It is still uncertain whether Impremedia will apply a free TMC coverage model (or elements of it) in New York and Los Angeles. Advertisers may demand a TMC product in these markets. La Opinión, the highest circulation Spanish-language daily in the U.S. (paid circulation Monday-Friday 125,000, ABC audited), reaches a relatively small portion of the more than 1.7 million Latinos living in Los Angeles County. Its free, weekend door-delivered product, La Opinión Weekend Direct, reaches 667,000 households in Hispanic areas throughout Southern California. La Opinión Weekend Direct is delivered on Saturdays and Sundays.

New York's El Diario/La Prensa (paid circ. Monday-Friday, 50,000, ABC audit) hopes to improve its zoning capability in New York City in order to better meet the demands of advertisers, particularly retailers, who want a more precise marketing tool. A full-fledged home-delivered TMC product could be a challenge in New York, particularly in Manhattan, where many apartments are in high rise buildings and newspaper deliverers might be barred entrance by management companies. Postal delivery could be a solution, although a very expensive one (Mailing through the US Postal service costs publishers around US $200 per 1,000 newspapers). Impremedia's CEO Doug Knight tells Portada® that the company is studying the financial viability of different distribution programs. “It's all about the math,” Knight concludes.

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