Latino Midwest News has new owner and plans to expand

Minnesota based Latino Midwest News (biweekly circ 20,000; 40,000/month, ABC audit pending), a bilingual (65% English) paper serving the Hispanic markets in Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago, and Michigan, is now solely owned by founding partner Adolfo Cardona. Cardona, with the support of a few local banks, bought out his two partners. “The price wasn't in the millions, but it was in the hundreds of thousands,” said Cardona. Cardona, with the help of new executive director Francisco Duque and their staff of six, plans to increase Latino Midwest News's presence in the Midwest by 30%. “We're not only increasing the number of racks, but also the number of papers delivered by mail.” Currently the paper is distributed 70% through racks and 30% by mail. Cardona hopes to increase mail distribution to 40%. The paper is working on pinpointing the areas of the Midwest where the Hispanic population is growing the most. Latino Midwest News will be zone delivered based on the information they gather. “We are also looking at where Hispanic businesses are growing the most. Those are potential points-of-sale and points-of-distribution.” Latino Midwest News plans to open new offices in Wisconsin and Iowa to create the infrastructure to support their growth plan. Advertising is currently 60% National and Regional and 40% Local. New national accounts include Moneygram and Excel Energy (Regional). Although major accounts are taking more notice of Latino Midwest News, and the Midwestern Hispanic market in general, Cardona says there is still a lot of room for growth. “There is a huge market here, not in Minnesota alone, but in the Midwest as a whole.”

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