Ethnic media outreaches general market media…

Growing numbers of Hispanics, African and Asian-Americans are making ethnic print media outlets better advertising vehicles than general market newspapers and magazines. “You reach more Californians through ethnic media than through regular media,” Sandy Close, Executive Director of NCM (New California Media) tells Portadatm. NCM grew out of Close's frustration with mainstream media's top-down approach to journalism. Started in 1996, NCM's goals are to draw attention to ethnic media as a major source of information for California's 17 million ethnic residents; to increase ethnic media's access to the advertising dollar through the one-order/one-bill placement service; and to promote an inter-ethnic editorial exchange. NCM now has more than 600 media partners in California, including grassroots Latino publications like El Californiano and El Gráfico (Fresno), as well as larger newspapers and magazines, like La Prensa (Riverside) La Opinión (Los Angeles) and Hispanic Business. NCM plans to expand nationwide.

...studies prove it.

In April 2002, NCM released the results of a survey of California residents showing that ethnic newspapers have a strong following. The study, conducted by Bendixen & Associates, showed that Spanish-language media reaches 89% of California´s Hispanics, and that ethnic media, in general, reaches 84% of California's three largest minority groups. Findings were based on interviews with 2,000 Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American adult residents of California, representing nearly 17 million ethnic Californians. The interviews were conducted between November 2001 and March 2002 in twelve different languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Laotian and Hindi. The study also showed that ethnic papers are most widely read by Asian-Americans (34%), followed by Hispanics (23%), and African-Americans (10%). Ethnic Californians are more likely to pay attention to advertising in ethnic media than to ads in general market media. Sixty-six percent of ethnic Californians agreed that businesses who advertise in ethnic media “seem to understand my needs and desires better than other companies.” Sixty-three percent agreed that they are “more likely to buy a product or service advertised” in an ethnic-oriented publication or program. Hispanics exhibited the strongest “advertising loyalty,” followed closely by Asian-Americans.

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