¡Éxito!, now on a daily basis?…

Tribune Co.'s free Spanish-language weekly, ¡Éxito! ,is bracing itself for a possible expansion. Several news sources have reported that Tribune is considering turning ¡Éxito! into a Monday through Friday newspaper. Other sources suggest that the name might be changed to Hoy, the name of Tribune's New York Spanish daily.

Luis Sito, the man responsible for launching the New York daily Hoy – a spin-off of Newsday – in 1998, was named vice-president for Hispanic media at the Chicago based Tribune Co. last February. His main responsibility will be to study and develop new products. ¡Éxito! is published every Thursday and has a circulation of 87,551.“We are exploring a number of options regarding the expansion of ¡Éxito!. We have achieved great success with Hoy and hope to replicate that kind of success in Chicago and in our other markets,” Gary Weitman, media relations manager at Tribune Co, tells Portadatm. “As Dennis FitzSimons said at Tribune's annual meeting of shareholders earlier this year, Louie took on additional responsibility as Tribune vice-president for Hispanic Media, and we've charged him with developing targeted products in other markets with large Hispanic populations”, Weitman adds.


...in the fifth largest Hispanic market.

Chicago has approximately 400,000 Hispanic households, making up 11.5% of the total number of households. Seventy-five percent of Hispanic households are Mexican and 10% are Puerto Rican. La Raza, a Spanish/English weekly which covers the Chicago metropolitan area and reports a circulation of 150,000, is ¡Éxito!'s main competitor.

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