“77% of Spanish-language books ever published are available in the U.S.,” says Amazon’s Pedro Huerta

Amazon's opportunity in the U.S. Spanish-language book market is very appealing as 77% of Spanish-language books ever published are available in the U.S, Pedro Huerta, Director KINDLE Content, Amazon told the audience of the Portada Mexico Forum in Mexico City. Huerta leads Amazon Kindle’s expansion into Latin America, including the U.S. Hispanic market.Huerta shared some of the insights he has made when introducing the Kindle in Brazil and Mexico.

Pedro Huerta

Pedro Huerta, Director Kindle Content Amazon, during his keynote speech

Pricing: Cheaper than in print, but how much?

"The consumer knows that a digital book should cost less than a physical book. But how much less we really do not know." Huerta said that subscription models (e.g. Netflix) tend to be more profitable to publishers than one off-online sales.

In terms of what works for sales promotions, Huerta said that limited time offers at substantial discount are very effective. Huerta questioned whether all the books, sold by online bookstores  are ultimately read by book buyers.

Key Digital Book Players: Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple...

According to Huerta, the 4 key players in the digital book market are Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple. He added that local players will also play a role. As an example he cited the Gandhi chain book and Sanborns (America Movil) in Mexico.

...Google and Apple have tailwind in less developed markets.

In terms of book market share, Huerta acknowledged that "Apple and Google have an advantage in less developed markets (those markets, including Latin America, where Amazon's Kindle has not been present yet or was recently introduced in. This is because the relatively wide availability of both Apple and Android based tablets in those markets.


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